We support European and American small and medium sized companies in the process of developing businesses and commercializing products in international markets. This includes support to European companies entering the US market as well as to American companies interested in developing businesses outside the USA. Our activity includes development of businesses through M&A and licensing as well as direct support in marketing products in the US and other markets through ecommerce or B2B activities.

Our Experience

We work with you from the basis of experience. We have been in your shoes.

Our experience includes:

  • CEO-level leadership in companies ranging from $200 million to $1.5 billion in Europe, including developing markets and top 5 markets
  • Pan-european commercial strategy and leadership
  • Licensing and collaboration agreements across borders in tech, medical, and manufacturing sectors in the US, Japan, Italy, Russia, and developing countries of Europe
  • Commercialization of European products in the US market (B2B)
  • Technology licensing collaborations in which European companies gain rights to American technologies and vice versa
  • Merger negotiation and integration ranging from small businesses in medical technology, heavy industry, pharmaceuticals and others ranging from $100 million sales companies to fortune 100 companies
  • Joint venture development in Europe and Asia including negotiation, facilities construction and ongoing relationship management
  • Development and leadership of multi-country international teams under the guidance of skilled headquarters teams in the UK and USA
  • Company acquisition targeting, negotiation and integration in technology services, medical/pharmaceutical and heavy manufacturing